5 Ways to Save $ on Your Honeymoon

photo credit: 1. Travel in the Slow Season. Depending on your destination, there is a season when tourist flock to the location.  There is also a season when things are slow at that same destination.   i.e. Snow birds flock to the Caribbean in January but in July there are fewer crowds, and it’s less […]

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7 Mistakes Moms Make when Choosing Their Dress

1. She is usually the last to purchase. Moms are used to taking care of everyone else.  This truth doesn’t change when it comes to weddings.  She will make sure everyone else is well dressed and every detail is taken care of from the Bride’s Gown, down to the shoes the Ring Bearer is wearing, […]

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Getting Engaged this Holiday Season? 7 Things You Need to Know

Almost 26 percent of marriage proposals occur between November and December.  There is just something about the holidays and the gathering of family and friends that makes proposing during this time inviting.  If you are one of the lucky ones or even if you received a proposal during another time of the year, there are […]

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New York Bridal Fashion Week 2014

October 11th-13th designers in the Bridal World come together at the International Bridal Market in New York.  Each designer debuts it’s new 2015 Spring line in hopes of catching the attention of bridal retailers from around the world. Here are some highlights and some gowns you will see coming to Christa’s soon… Alfred Angelo revealed […]

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What I’ve Discovered in the 10 Plus Years I’ve Worked With Brides

Ten to twelve years ago, as I was altering wedding gowns  in my basement, I would have never guessed that someday I would work with hundreds of brides per year in my very own Bridal Boutique.   Today, however, I could not imagine my life without these Brides.  Here are just a few things I […]

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Meet the Alfred Angelo Disney Princesses

When: Saturday February 1, 2014 Time: 11am to 3pm What to Bring: A donation item for the Jubilee House Come by Christa’s on Saturday February 1st to meet the Disney Princesses. Five Disney Princesses will be at Christa’s from 11am to 3pm. Each child will receive a free gift from the princesses. (While supplies last) […]

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The Dangers of Buying Online

After I ordered a wedding dress off “”, I got it in the mail and I was completely devastated at what I received! So I went into Christa’s looking for the perfect dress cause no one else in twin had small enough dresses for my skinny self or could get it fitted to my size […]

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Launching Christa’s Off The Rack

Our New Clearance Website is off and running! Our Backrooms were filled with amazing designer gowns.  We needed space and you need gowns at discount prices.  By adding accessories to our lineup, we now give you a chance to get your entire look in one amazing place. So either Schedule an Appointment at our store […]

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All Tuxedos are Not Created Equal

Have you ever wondered why there can be such a difference in tuxedo prices?  As the old saying goes…..”You get what you pay for”.  It’s time we let you know why our competition has lower prices.  If having the perfect fitting tuxedos and having wedding pictures that you can be proud to look back at […]

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Wedding on a Budget?

  Is your wedding on a budget? These days so many of us are trying to save $ anywhere we can. That does not mean your wedding has to be any less elegant as the next.  Careful planning and giving yourself time to purchase items at a slower pace will allow you to have the […]

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