Christa’s Statement on COVID-19: Working hard to keep you and our employees safe.

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We have been carefully considering what to do here at Christa’s in light of this COVID-19 Pandemic. We are taking into consideration all aspects and trying to be mindful to comply to all CDC recommendations. Detailed below is our effort to ensure the safety of you, our employees, and our wonderful community.

💙 First, we are being extremely cautious with the cleaning and sanitizing of our shop. It is our usual practice to have scheduled cleanings throughout the day. We have added additional sanitizing hourly and at the end of all appointments (all hard surfaces including doorknobs, counters, hangers, racks, and pens).

💙 We are spacing appointments apart and wrapping them up earlier to allow cleaning time in between.

💙 We will be switching to appointment-only. This is pretty easy for us to do as we have always been pretty much appointment-only. On slow days we will be allowing our staff to get the rest needed at home to ensure their best health. We will post a contact number on the door, on the answering machine, and here on social media for those wishing to make appointments. You may also easily contact us here on Social Media.

💙 We ask that those booking appointments limit their party to no more than 4 people. That would be Bride plus up to 3 guests. If you have someone in your wedding party that is at higher risk because of age etc, please let us know and we can make special accommodations where no other appointments are around yours.

💙Please also help us by staying away if you or any member of your party is sick or not feeling well. We have no problem rescheduling your appointment for a better time.

💙 About our designers and suppliers: all our factories are running and doing well. We stay in touch with them regularly and are confident that we should not see delays. – Having said that, if you still worry about getting a dress in time for a quicker wedding date, we have an amazing collection of in-stock gowns that can be purchased and taken home right away. Many of those are 25% Off. So getting a good deal and a gown now is no problem.

Despite the current events, it’s business as usual here at Christa’s.
We are sewing, steaming, ordering, planning and preparing for your special day.
Thank you for your support!

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