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When I saw my wife come down the isle in that beautiful dress, it took my breath away. Her dress was so unique and perfectly her. My wife and I are about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary this June and Christa’s helped us have an amazing wedding. Christa and Jay are the REAL DEAL couple when it comes to marriage and promoting true and lasting love. The prices are great but the friendships made are even better. Go here, you won’t be disappointed. – Robert Forbes

  Find Your Perfect Gown!


“Your gown should be an expression of you…”

Do you want your gown to make you feel like a princess or do you want it to make you feel sophisticated?  Do you imagine a gown covered in jewels, or would you prefer it be simple, yet elegant?

“A gown that fits your personality and your wedding style…”

Here at Christa’s our goal is to help you find the perfect gown to express your uniqueness.

After all, it’s…

                    Your Wedding. Your Dress. Your Dream.


START THE PROCESS TO FIND YOUR DREAM GOWN:  Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced bridal consultants.  The gown that fits your unique personality, wedding style, budget and will make you feel like the Bride of your dreams is waiting for you!

The Gowns shown on this page are only a small sample of the hundreds of gowns available at Christa’s.  Schedule an appointment today to begin your journey.  You may also visit the following websites to find more available styles either in our store or available to order.

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