Cynthia tells us about her Favorite Gowns


If you were the daughter of a Bridal Shoppe owner, worked in the Bridal Industry since the age of 16, and the General Manager of Christa’s, which Gown would you choose for your Wedding Gown? After seeing thousands of gowns from all over the world the choices are endless.Cynthia

Cynthia (pictured on the left next to Christa) has worked at Christa’s since the beginning of the Company’s start. Cynthia has worked with hundreds, if not thousands of brides during her time here. She is now the General Manager and oversees all ordering etc. Cynthia knows what looks good on Brides and what will flatter them most. Brides trust her expertise. Her personal style also plays a role in what gowns she would choose as her favorites. Here are her top 4 Favorite Gowns.

Casablanca 2167“I actually begged to bring this gown into the store. During one of our meetings with our Casablanca Representative, Jolee, this gown had made it into the top picks… but a few dresses had to be cut. We didn’t have anything like it in the store and I knew that any Bride who put it on would instantly feel like the Princess she already is. I am so happy that it made the final cut because this exquisite design makes for one of the best gowns in the Bridal Industry.”


casablanca 1975“This classic Casablanca Gown has always been one of my favorites. From it’s stunning silhouette to the classic lace and delicate beading, any bride would look INCREDIBLE on her big day! “




casa 2153“It’s difficult to see in the picture, but this dress has layers of texture… beading upon lace appliques upon honeycomb lace. This is, quite possibly, the most feminine bridal gown ever made. Absolutely delicate and breathtaking!”




casa2117“The gown that we have in store is Champagne, Ivory, and Silver. I love this dress because it could be worn at a very traditional wedding and it can just as easily be worn at a laid back, outdoor soiree; afternoon wedding or evening wedding. It’s as timeless as Ingrid Bergman and as fun as Marylin Monroe.”






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