7 Mistakes Moms Make when Choosing Their Dress

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1. She is usually the last to purchase. Moms are used to taking care of everyone else.  This truth doesn’t change when it comes to weddings.  She will make sure everyone else is well dressed and every detail is taken care of from the Bride’s Gown, down to the shoes the Ring Bearer is wearing, but somehow she puts off her own dress until the end.

Shipping times for Mother Dresses can be as long as ordering a Wedding Gown or Bridesmaids.  To be sure you have enough time to have a large variety of styles and colors, make sure to schedule a mom’s appointment shortly after the bride and bridesmaids order their dresses. Brides, give your moms a little pampering too.  Schedule a special girls day out to shop for her dress.

2. She is a people-pleaser.  A mom can get caught up in trying to please everyone.  She might be trying to match the bridesmaids or trying to find a dress the bride and groom or others approve of.  This could greatly limit the search for the perfect gown.  The important thing is to find a dress that compliments the bridesmaids dresses and a dress that she feels comfortable in.  Moms don’t have to please everyone.  The dress should fit her style as well as the style of the wedding.

3. She is body conscious and afraid to try on dresses.  Almost everyone has part of her body she would like to change. Mother’s can be extra sensitive to these areas. There are many mother’s styles now that compliment or camouflage problem areas.  Work with an understanding consultant to help you find the perfect style to best compliment your shape.  Try on dresses you normally wouldn’t try on.  You never know if something will look good until you try it. 

4. She is waiting to order the dress until she looses weight.  If you have over a year until the wedding, this isn’t a problem.  However, most mom’s don’t have the time to wait to order.  We suggest that moms order the dress that looks good on them now and then have it altered when she looses the weight.  If it looks good on now,  imagine how good it will look when a few pounds are shed!

5. She is reluctant to try anything on.  Whether it is because she fears nothing will look good on her or she is sure she “will know the dress when she sees it,” she will never know until she tries it on.  Many dresses do not look good on the hanger but look amazing on. We encourage mom’s to jump in and try dresses on.  The worst thing that can happen is she doesn’t like it and doesn’t come out of the dressing room.  By trying on many different styles, fabrics and colors, she just might find a dress that looks amazing.

6. She may have an unrealistic budget.  A mother may feel guilty about setting aside much money in the wedding budget for her own dress. A wedding is an important event.  She will only be the mother of a Bride or Groom a small number of times in her life.  Moms need to understand their importance in this event.  A Mother of the Bride/Groom also needs to feel confident at the wedding.  Dresses that compliment and are flattering need to be well constructed.  These details take more labor and better fabrics.  If budget is an issue, consider choosing a dress that can be shortened later to wear to another event.

7. She forgets about the accessories. I’ve seen mom after mom come in the week of the wedding trying to find shoes or jewelry for the wedding.  Leaving these details until the end just adds to the stress already on her shoulders weeks before the wedding.  While choosing the dress she should try on jewelry and shoes and order them.  That way the chore is done and out of the way and she is on to the next thing on her check list.

This blog was adapted from an article in Vows Magazine written by Denise Keller

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