5 Ways to Save $ on Your Honeymoon


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1. Travel in the Slow Season. Depending on your destination, there is a season when tourist flock to the location.  There is also a season when things are slow at that same destination.   i.e. Snow birds flock to the Caribbean in January but in July there are fewer crowds, and it’s less expensive.  You can get huge saving just by booking your trip during an off season.

2. Book Early.  Over expansion and a weak economy have left hotels with lots of rooms to fill, so they might cut early birds a deal. Cruise lines may offer incentives for reserving more than six months ahead.  As much as 60 percent off.

3.  Look for Packages.  You can save a bundle by one-stop-shopping instead of paying for everything individually.  Search for special package deals for your location.  Resorts or cruise lines offer an all-inclusive trip, often at incredible savings.

4. Carry it On.  Say you are flying to Hawaii: You can shell out about $200 round-trip to check in two bags.  Pack light, and put that savings towards something way sexier. (Maybe a couples massage!!)

5. Turn off your Devices.  Some hotels charge extra for WiFi and if you are going abroad and didn’t purchase an international data plan for your phone, the roaming charges will be obscene.  Unplug and enjoy each others company.  After all what are Honeymoons for?

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