Getting Engaged this Holiday Season? 7 Things You Need to Know

engaged-couple-medium_newAlmost 26 percent of marriage proposals occur between November and December.  There is just something about the holidays and the gathering of family and friends that makes proposing during this time inviting.  If you are one of the lucky ones or even if you received a proposal during another time of the year, there are things you need to know before you begin the wedding planning process.

1. Enjoy Every Minute

This time in your life will go extremely fast.  You will be experiencing many “Firsts”.  Take time to stop and enjoy the little things.  Savor the moments after he proposes.  Don’t rush away to tell everyone.  Spend some time together as a couple embracing each other and your new future.

Each time you find yourself rushing through the Wedding planning process, STOP and be present in the moment.  Enjoy the time with family, the time shopping for your Wedding Gown, and the time spent with friends at your bridal shower.  These are moments you won’t get back.  This is your time to shine and take it all in.


2. Prepare for your Marriage

This is an exciting time.  I know you want to run right out and buy a bridal magazine and dive right in to Wedding planning.  However first and foremost the wedding is a celebration of the beginning of a marriage.  Just like any new adventure, you need to do some planning.

Find someone to give you premarital counseling or work through a great book such as “How to Save Your Marriage Before it Starts’ by Les and Leslie Parrott.   A study conducted by Dr. David Olson indicates that 80 percent of couples who participate in premarital preparation report higher marital satisfaction.  Additionally, studies show that couples who participate in premarital preparation are 31 percent less likely to divorce.

**Most importantly – Talk to your fiance about important topics like Money, Parenting, Sex, and Household Responsibilities.  Know where the both of you stand.  The more you know about each other the better.

3. Plan a Budget

Here is your chance for your first married discussion on money.  Sit down together and talk about where the money for your Wedding will be coming from.  Ask parents what they plan on contributing.  Once you have a number divide your Wedding budget between the items needed to put together your Dream Wedding. In order to stay realistic on how much certain items cost, call Wedding venders in your area to find out the average cost.  (Remember to keep in mind that sometimes the cheapest isn’t always what is best.  Sometimes by going with the least expensive bid you will pay more with hidden fees and quality issues.  Know what makes the price different)

You will have to come back to this discussion many times as you adjust and readjust the budget.  Great practice for the future Mr. and Mrs.


4. Purchase a Good Wedding Planner Notebook

There is no substitute for good organization.   A Wedding is filled with many details.  Writing it all down and following check lists is the only way to get to the alter without losing your mind.  You can purchase books that tell you everything you need to know about planning your wedding.  Check your local book store.  Browse through them until you find one that fits your style of organizing.

5. Prioritize Your Purchases

Your Wedding is filled with so many details.  Find out how far in advance you need to purchase or reserve each item.  Reserving your venue and buying your Gown should be some of the first things you do.  Maybe even before you choose a date.  Ordering times on Wedding Gowns for instance can take between 5 to 8 months.  If you choose a Wedding date that is too close you may limit yourself.  Shop for your Gown and choose your venue first to find out when the Wedding would be possible.

6. Stay Calm

With so many details, choices and opinions Wedding planning can become overwhelming if you don’t pace yourself.  Stay organized; don’t procrastinate; take time away from wedding planning from time to time and most of all stay calm.  Realize that not everything is going to go right and that’s ok.  No wedding goes off without a hitch.  Not every detail will turn out perfectly.  But that is ok because your guests aren’t going to know.  Only you will know what didn’t happen.  Relax and roll with it.  In the end it will be an amazing day where you and your fiance got married.  That’s what is most important.


7. Come to Christa’s First Annual Engagement Party

Christa’s has been helping Brides and Grooms plan their special day for over 10 years.  The staff at Christa’s have been trained to take care of each detail and even have knowledge of other areas of weddings besides just wedding attire.  Your consultant can help walk you through the entire wedding planning process.  Trust her knowledge and expertise.

Start your Wedding Planning with the First Annual Engagement Party.  Designed to get you started in the right direction with the fun of a wine tasting, cake tasting and engagement photo.  Join Christa and her team of Wedding Venders on Saturday January 3rd for 4pm to 6pm.  For more info call (208)735-5177

Engagement Party


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