What I’ve Discovered in the 10 Plus Years I’ve Worked With Brides

Ten to twelve years ago, as I was altering wedding gowns  in my basement, I would have never guessed that someday I would work with hundreds of brides per year in my very own Bridal Boutique.   Today, however, I could not imagine my life without these Brides.  Here are just a few things I have discovered about Brides along the way.

1. I have discovered that Love is not so much blind as it is non-prejudice and non-judgmental.  When you fall in love, you fall in love.  It has no regard to social or financial status.  It doesn’t worry itself with race or political leaning.  Love is just love.  I am blessed to work around love everyday of my life.  I catch this “fever” when a bride tells me about how she met her groom.  I fall in love again when I see that look in a groom’s eyes as he gazes  at his bride.  In it’s purest form Love is just….Love.

Arika2.  I have discovered that most brides have a mental picture or feeling in mind pertaining to how they should look or should feel when they find “the one”.  If I listen hard enough I can understand how they see themselves walking down the isle. From here I can match the right dress with the right bride.  When it works it is a magical thing.

3. I have discovered that the majority of brides do not tear up when they find “the one”.   Many are surprised by this and continue to look for “the one” that will make them cry, only to become frustrated by their search.  A very small percentage of brides cry when they find the one.  We do however, see some of them tear up later on in the process (i.e. during their final fitting).

4. I have discovered that there are a large percentage of brides that find “the one” within the first few dresses they try on.  If the consultant has done her job by listening to the bride’s wants, hopes, and dreams–and if the bride has done a good job of communicating her wants, hopes, and dreams to her consultant–her dress will most likely be found  in the first few gowns she tries on.

Amanda5.  I have discovered that the Bride makes the gown beautiful.  It happens over and over.  We may have a beautiful gown that, when tried on by bride after bride, doesn’t quite look right, and so the brides choose another gown.  Then one day a Bride comes to her Bridal Appointment and tries on that same gown.  Suddenly this gown–that so many passed by–is the most beautiful gown ever seen.  It is almost as if she gave the gown life.  I truly believe there is a gown for each bride;  a gown that knew it was waiting for just the right bride to come into the store and take it home.

6.  And last but not least I have discovered that I get emotionally attached to our Brides.  Saying goodbye on the day they pick up their gown is bitter-sweet.  We are SO happy since they are about to have the day they have dreamed about and worked so hard for. However at the same time it’s hard to say goodbye to a Bride, a Groom, and a family you have grown so close to.

Thank you to all of our 2014 Brides that have made our lives so rich.

Christa Hannold

Christa’s Dress Shoppe & Tuxedo


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