The Dangers of Buying Online

After I ordered a wedding dress off “”, I got it in the mail and I was completely devastated at what I received! So I went into Christa’s looking for the perfect dress cause no one else in twin had small enough dresses for my skinny self or could get it fitted to my size in less than 2 weeks and had my wedding colors!! I was served with the best service without an appointment and Christa made sure my dress fit like a glove and made my maid of honor and bridesmaid feel like princesses 🙂 I have her to thank I would recommend her store as #1 in twin falls! – McKinsey Jackson

In the past few years the problems of purchasing wedding gowns or prom gowns online has increased.  This past year we were surprised at the sheer number of Brides and Prom Girls who took a chance and bought their gown online; and then ended up in our store the week of the big event asking for help to find a new gown.  They either never received their  gown or the gown they received was nothing like the picture.  A bad copy of a real designer dress.

Overseas Companies are using designers photos to sell their counterfeits at “Too Good to be True” Prices.   Brides and prom girls who are unaware of how much a gown should cost become their victims.  Since a wedding and prom usually only come around once in a lifetime, it’s too late to fix the mistake in time for the Big Event.  With limited laws protecting the internet, these girls weren’t even able to get their money returned.


Your Wedding Day or Your Prom Day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life.  But instead your day is ruined.

Don’t become a victim.  Our advice is to order your gown from a local bridal dealer.  Bridal Shop owners and employees work and live in your area.  They have to see you face to face.  They are interested and invested in making your day perfect.

If price is the issue we have created a website with all of our clearance gowns.   This is a website you can TRUST because it comes from a place you know.  These are Authentic Designer Gowns at extremely discounted prices.

Either way you decide to shop, in our store or on our Christa’s Off The Rack website, you know you are getting a beautiful gown and a great experience.


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